• Mobility

    Meet today's mobility challenges - and anticipate tomorrow's. GSGCloud's Mobility ties together the mobile data from various sources - inventory, MDM, HR, carriers - and lets you view and manage your organization's mobile portfolio through "a single pane of glass." Our solution tracks both corporate-liable and individual-liable devices and manages the workflow around BYOD programs and mobility policies. It also delivers proactive oversight of your organization's MDM system and performs continuous monitoring to prevent overages.

  • TEM

    Telecom services is the biggest IT expense, with Gartner predicting that it will take up 43% of the global IT budget in 2015. As the largest part of your IT spending, it's also the first and best place to look for efficiencies and savings opportunities. GSGCloud's Telecom Expense Management (TEM) doesn't perform just a "one and done" investigation, but provides ongoing analysis of your telecom expenses, which will change over time as usage patterns change, technologies appear, and carriers evolve their offerings. Our TEM system performs this behind the scenes, and provides timely alerts and recommendations when the need arises.

  • Marketplace

    GSGCloud's Marketplace lets your users order mobile devices, plans, and accessories from their computer or mobile device, with far less time required from your IT team or management. This eliminates the need for multiple calls to the IT department and approval of managers, vendors, and carriers. You can also determine who's eligible for which devices, plans, and accessories based on criteria such as role and level. Marketplace reduces the paperwork and red tape often involved in procurement, and gets mobile devices and services that your users need into their hands more quickly. It's procurement without the pain.

  • Self-Service

    Give your users the power to do it themselves. GSGCloud's Self-Service frees up your IT help desk and saves time and money by giving users the ability to easily and quickly perform routine telecom tasks. From their own computer or mobile device, they can order new devices and accessories, enroll a personal device into a BYOD program, read and agree to a mobile policy, request a change to their carrier plan, or activate roaming. At the same time, you’re able to manage and approve user requests, monitor policy acceptance, track MDM and app installation, and maintain control of a growing and diverse fleet of mobile devices.

  • Business Intelligence

    "You can't manage it if you can't measure it," the adage goes. GSGCloud's Business Intelligence features let you measure - and therefore, manage - your organization's telecom by giving you the power to view users, usage, and expenses from a high level. Get the "big picture" view when you need it - or drill down and do analysis at the finest level of detail.

  • Service Desk

    The Service Desk isn’t just a ticketing system. It’s a service orchestration system, seamlessly integrating partner, customer, and third-party help desk systems. Our solution’s open architecture allows it to integrate into popular support applications like Service Now and Remedy, and its flexible analytics engine provides you a single source of support traffic and SLA compliance data across multiple desks.

Application Features

  • Brings data from every system that touches your mobility program — carrier systems, MDMs, ITSM platforms, HR and Financial applications—and integrates it all into a single reporting environment.
  • Highly configurable procurement portal with catalogs, order types and automated workflows tailored to specific user roles
  • Continuously updated inventory that leverages carrier and MDM platforms, including SAP Afaria, AirWatch and MobileIron and ensures that each device and its expenses are matched back to a specific user
  • Features single sign-on and an intuitive user interface to simplify placing and tracking wireless orders
  • Integrates with device recycling; automates decommissioning of mobile devices and captures device value for the company
  • Ensures all employees using corporate- and individual-liable devices are fully aware of and have agreed to the company’s mobile device use policies
  • Offers extensive reporting on mobile inventory, order-processing SLAs, equipment purchases, equipment charges, etc.
  • Automates hundreds of complex management processes so that administrators and service desks can manage the full telecom lifecycle with ease
  • Combines proprietary software, financial and engineering analysis, and deep domain expertise to help your business eliminate carrier overbilling and achieve a “right-sized” telecom infrastructure
  • A continuously updated inventory of all telecom assets with unparalleled detail from location and USOC-level cost data to logical groups that link services to assets
  • Configurable role-based access to all telecom inventory and expense data with single sign-on support
  • Built-in invoice processing workflow that manages approvals, disputes, payments
  • A full set of dashboards and reporting tools to analyze and share data across the enterprise
  • Automates accounts payable process for wireless cost assignment within an organization, to sites, departments, or individuals via AP feed integration
  • Supports multiple languages and currencies
  • Features single sign-on and an intuitive user interface to simplify placing and tracking wireless orders
  • Presents device order catalog customized to company users based on roles and entitlements
  • Intuitive service request forms ensure proper ordering and configuration of devices
  • HR-integrated, dynamic service approval engine routes approval requests based on custom rules, and allows for full integration to email client for ease of use
  • Integrates with inventory manager and automatically updates inventory based on orders
  • Integrates with payroll systems and allows you to set rules to automatically deduct payroll based on purchases over company provided limits
  • Integrates with device recycling; automates decommissioning of mobile devices and captures device value for the company
  • Ensures all employees using corporate- and individual-liable devices are fully aware of and have agreed to the company’s mobile device use policies
  • Offers extensive reporting on order-processing SLAs, equipment purchases, equipment charges, etc.
  • Integrates with GSG, customer, or third-party service desks; initiates all MACD or service activity for any carrier or geography
  • Provides user guides, FAQs, and self-help collateral to educate users on the procurement process and company policies
  • Automatically routes user requests to the proper approver or service provider
  • Allows users to create help desk tickets from the web portal or via a mobile app on iOS or Android
  • Includes reviewing and accepting mobile and BYOD policies, BYOD program enrollment, and stipend management
  • Provides reviews of individual monthly carrier expenses
  • Performs user eligibility checks for requests and upgrades
  • Over 40 standard reports exportable into multiple formats, including Excel, PDF and CSV
  • Over 50 fields available for ad-hoc grid and crosstab reports that can be saved and shared
  • Report scheduler for automated report distribution
  • Role-based data access, so each user sees only the data appropriate to their role and responsibilities
  • Configurable dashboards with user-selected widgets let users customize their views to best fit their requirements
  • Ensures all tickets are logged and handled within the SLA via SLA monitoring and reporting
  • Provides user guides, FAQs, and self-help collateral to educate users on the procurement process and company policies
  • Tracks status and nature of all tickets flowing through the application with fully configurable automated workflow for tickets
  • Integrates with internal and third-party ITSM systems