Our mission

For today’s businesses, the convergence of the internet, mobile computing, and wireless brings both competitive advantages and daunting challenges. Communications is now more than just a voice on the other end of the line, computing is no longer tied to a desk, and work can happen nearly anywhere. This new era and its new technologies call for a new kind of IT.

At GSG, we live and breathe this new IT and all its possibilities. We come from backgrounds ranging from telecommunications to internet and software development. Our mission is to help enterprises cost-effectively harness the power of these new technologies through a platform that simplifies the management of their assets, services, and expenses.

Our story

From internet access to global connectivity to now managing the chaos created by the explosion in mobility and the transition to IP, GSG has always focused on taking on the big telecommunications challenges of our times.

In the 1990s, GSG co-founders Andy and Amine were part of the executive management team for IDT – one of the first companies to provide internet access, and the first to provide voice–over-IP service. Andy and Amine co-founded SAKON in 1997, which provided phone, fax, and internet services in markets in Africa, South Asia, and Latin America. In developing regions where fiber was unfeasible, SAKON brought broadband service through innovative fixed wireless systems, and created the largest wireless broadband network in India.

Building on the experience and knowledge gained in their pioneering telecom work, Andy and Amine established GSG in 2003. Today, our team is solving the problems that emerging telecommunications technologies bring. That means enabling the seamless management of the “mobile wave”: devices that are powerful, portable, and paradigm changing.  It also means managing enormous, fixed line networks with a mix of legacy and IP technology and transitioning to support big data. With over $5 billion of telecom spend managed and optimized to date, GSG boasts a solid track record of customer satisfaction and organizational success.

Our platform

Our platform, GSGCloud, supports the full lifecycle needs of telecom management. Our suite of applications integrates actual telecom platforms and processes – not just the data generated by all the activity. These applications orchestrate hundreds of telecom management tasks and all the related data in order to keep your telecom department running smoothly and efficiently. Learn more about GSGCloud.


Our people

Our platform isn’t just powered by great software. It’s also powered by great people.

When we created GSG, we assembled a group of telecom and IT specialists, trained them to use rigorous process management methodologies, and formed the first independent telecom analytics organization. This group has grown to a team of over 220 people who apply their expertise and passion to ensure unmatched levels of quality in handling telecom expenses, procurement, and inventory management functions on behalf of our clients.

Our partnership

With GSG, you get more than a platform – you get a partner. For us, it’s not just about offering cost-cutting technology that’s easy to use, customize, and deploy. We also pride ourselves on providing friendly, responsive, and knowledgeable support to help you get the most business value from our solutions. Our management team makes sure you understand the features and functionality of GSGCloud. Our support team ensures there’s someone to call if you need assistance. And our sales and marketing team provides you with unique initiatives and resources to help your company reach more customers and grow its market share.