Now, more that ever, your business runs on your network.

Let the IBM NICO program, a joint program with IBM as a Global Alliance partner, help you make the most of your business by building a complete and authoritative inventory of your network infrastructure, reduce spending and costs, harness best practices, and develop strong business cases and deliver significant returns on investment.

Introducing IBM NICO

If you’ve outsourced your network infrastructure or if networking isn’t your organization’s core competency, you’re probably facing challenges controlling costs. If your service provider owns part or all of your network infrastructure processes, procedure, staffing and technology, the changes you can make are limited.

If this describes your environment, you need IBM’s NICO program, which uses the GSG platform, to help you regain control of your network, drive infrastructure costs down, identify and resolve systemic issues, and make use of networking best practices.

IBM NICO Quick Assess

quick assess icon - transparentIBM NICO Quick Assess is a quick online survey that gets a snapshot of your current network infrastructure, gathering key information about your organization, its network infrastructure, spend, and inventory, and the technologies, skills, and processes used in managing your network. It’s a turnkey system: after a quick turnkey analysis, you’ll be presented with a full report with tactical and strategic networking recommendations that will help you realize immediate and long-term savings opportunities.

To find out more, visit the IBM NICO Quick Assess site at

IBM NICO Full Spectrum Assessment

After NICO Quick Assess, a full assessment comprising three concurrent optimization operations — physical site audit, network contract audit, and best practices implementation — expands on the initial assessment with deep analyses that identify the root causes of inefficiencies, locate and fix systemic issues, measure against industry best practices, and build a business case with ROI.


physical site audit icon - transparent
Physical Site Audit


A visit to your organization’s major data and operations centers allows us to:

  • Catalog your network inventory
  • Identify unused and underused infrastructure and equipment
  • Make recommendations for “right-sizing” your network infrastructure

Realizes 7% – 20% immediate savings on sites in scope, plus remaining potential enterprise savings.


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Network Complex Contract Audit


A thorough analysis of your network contracts can:

  • Confirm that your network services are delivered at the correct rates, and make changes and apply for credits when they’re not
  • Identify disconnected and closed infrastructure and remove it from billing
  • Ensure that vendor discounts, waivers, and credits are properly applied

Realizes 10% – 30% immediate savings on contract scope, plus remaining potential enterprise savings.


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Best Practices Implementation


A best practices implementation applies lessons learned from experience and industry observations and can deliver:

  • Improvements to your network infrastructure’s performance, processes, skills, and tools
  • Increased productivity and reduced redundancy in your network infrastructure
  • Flexibility and agility to deal with new business needs and evolving technologies

Realizes 10% – 20% productivity and efficiency savings, plus remaining potential enterprise savings.

Reduce costs, increase efficiency, and prepare for the future

your business runs on your network

With the current trends in enterprise computing — cloud computing, software as a service, big data and analytics, unified communications, mobile computing, social media, and an increased need for security — businesses are more reliant on their network structure than ever before. IBM NICO’s optimization services and strategies can help your organization’s network adapt and respond to always-changing business demands and the latest technology trends.

To find out more about how IBM and GSG can help your organization optimize it networks for cost savings and operational excellence, use the contact form below. An IBM NICO team member will contact you: