BYOD - an acronym for "Bring Your Own Device" - may represent the most radical change in workplace computing since the introduction of the PC. But managing the smartphones, tablets, and other devices employees bring into the office for work purposes is a juggling act of several concerns: corporate security, personal privacy, and keeping track of approved devices, to name just a few.

Solution Features

Whether you’re looking to launch a new BYOD program or optimize an existing one, the GSGCloud BYOD solution offers a suite of tools to help you manage the security, support, and cost issues inherent with this new workplace trend.

  • Easy enrollment and approval: Users enroll their devices in your BYOD program from any device that can access the web. Our BYOD workflow notifies managers via email of new enrollment requests, which they can approve or deny. GSGCloud’s integration with your HR systems facilitates program rollout by matching user roles with program entitlements.
  • Mobile policy acceptance tracking: GSGCloud presents your users with your mobile policy during the BYOD enrollment process and whenever you update the policy. It even tracks who has and who hasn’t agreed to it.
  • BYOD program member and device manifest: The system maintains a list of all employees participating in the BYOD program, as well as all enrolled devices and their details. This valuable source of data can be strategically mined with the integrated business intelligence tools.
  • MDM integration: Choose any of the leading MDM (mobile device management) tools to best fit your needs — GSGCloud integrates with all them. During the enrollment process, our system installs MDM software onto employee devices and regularly confirms that devices enrolled in your BYOD program have it installed.
  • Stipends and reimbursement management: If your organization financially compensates employees who use personal mobile devices for work, GSGCloud can simplify the process.  The platform manages stipend payments and provides a self-service portal for filing expense reports.
  • Comprehensive management dashboard: GSGCloud’s dashboard provides a variety of views and reports. Managers can get the “big picture” of their BYOD program or drill down to view enrolled people and devices, spending activity, and other actionable intelligence. Dashboards are tailored to specific users and roles to serve up the right information to the right person.