A hybrid of telecom and computing, mobile devices bring all the IT challenges of a computing device — plus the telecommunications issues inherent with a carrier account. Add to this shorter lifecycles and an ever-expanding array of mobile devices, platforms, apps, and services, and it’s no wonder companies are still struggling to get a hold on mobile management.

Solution Features

The GSGCloud Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)/Managed Mobility Services (MMS) solution streamlines the management of your mobile devices, applications, wireless networks, policies, and carrier accounts while driving costs to their lowest possible point.

  • Flexibility that lets you cherry-pick the features you need: The modular nature of our EMM/MMS solution allows you to continue to leverage your current mobility management investments and expertise while still taking advantage of the GSGCloud platform. With GSGCloud, you can create a seamless system for doing everything from managing and negotiating the optimal mobile plans for your organization to configuring security and user permissions.
  • Integration with your preferred systems and packages: GSGCloud integrates with various MDM, workflow management, financial, and HR systems, enabling you to combine your preferred tools with our powerful telecom management platform. For each engagement, you can choose the combination of applications and services available in GSGCloud, and then integrate them with your own systems to create solutions tailor-made to your customers’ specific needs.
  • Key applications for properly managing enterprise mobility: With applications for managing corporate- and employee-liable devices, inventory control, expense managements, service desk, device and app marketplaces, and business intelligence, GSGCloud provides the pieces you need to solve the enterprise mobility puzzle.