At 44% of the global IT budget, telecom is the largest expense category – and ripe with cost-cutting opportunities. For example, are you paying for wireline capacity your company is no longer using? Are your mobile rate plans optimized to actual employee usage of voice, data, and messaging? Are you staying on top of carrier invoices, which sometimes contain errors — most often in their favor?


Merging leading-edge analytics with human expertise, the GSGCloud Audit and Optimization solution empowers you to eliminate wasteful spending while still meeting the demands of your organization. It’s like having your own dedicated team of experts with a single mission: saving you money.

  • A blend of proprietary algorithms and years of telecom management expertise: Our solution combines a constantly updated software platform, financial and engineering analysis, and deep domain knowledge acquired from years in the telecom industry. That means you can have confidence in our expertise.
  • Flexibility: The modular nature of our telecom audit and optimization solution allows you to construct a ‘right-sized’ telecom infrastructure at the lowest possible cost.
  • A focus on assets: Rather than relying on invoices to build your telecom inventory, GSG goes deeper, reviewing CSRs, site lists, and internal IT asset management systems to create a comprehensive inventory of telecom assets. As a result, we can trace every expense and charge back to an actual in-use telecom resource.
  • Clear, detailed reporting: GSGCloud reporting captures every dollar spent down to the feature level so that it can be properly analyzed. Our customers and partners find the savings reports to be invaluable for executive presentations and the online reporting tools indispensable when it comes to ongoing asset management.