With telecom consuming nearly half your IT dollar today, this budget area holds the most potential when it comes to finding efficiencies and savings. However, there’s more to managing telecom than just its costs. In order to get a handle on the complete telecom lifecycle — from planning and sourcing all the way through to decommissioning — you must be able to extract, present, and analyze your telecom information in a meaningful way.


The GSGCloud Telecom Lifecycle Management solution allows you to transform your telecom data — inventory, costs, accrual, contracts, and more — into insight and, in turn, action. Get all the tools you need to glean the most business value from your telecom operations — right at your fingertips.

  • Hundreds of telecom management tasks, orchestrated: GSGCloud efficiently manages inventory, contracts, service desk activities, and other telecom management tasks that have been traditionally handed to an overburdened IT department. With self-service tools and automated workflows, phone calls and emails are dramatically reduced, allowing your team to focus on more strategic tasks.
  • Integration with information from your entire enterprise: Our solution accesses information on your employees, equipment, business units, business locations, resources, and policies from the tools you already use. It enhances what you have without adding redundant systems and processes.
  • Usable, actionable information across the organization: Our cloud-based, integrated platform lets managers, teams, and people from different business areas — from IT to accounts payable to procurement – obtain information related to vendor contracts and invoices from a single source.
  • A continuous flow of information: GSGCloud constantly monitors the information it accesses from its myriad sources. Its dashboards and business intelligence tools alert you to potential problems before they become actual problems.
  • Highly analytical and tactical reporting: Our detailed, on-demand reporting function facilitates smart operational decisions related to managing telecom environments and costs.
  • A “single pane of glass” view: The GSGCloud portal gives you a quick, one-stop summary of the “health” of your organization’s telecom system, anytime you need it.