The Telecommunications Department: A Model of Inefficiency

“Agile” isn’t likely to be one of the words you use to describe your telecommunications department. Telecom management is often assigned to IT departments, who already have their hands full managing their organizations’ desktop, server, and networking systems. They now have to cope with mobile devices, operating systems, and apps; the rapid cycle of mobile upgrades and ever-changing carrier plans; transitioning from legacy systems to IP/SIP; and changes in the way we work, from telecommuting to BYOD. Under these circumstances, being agile is both very necessary – and very difficult.

Adding insult to injury is the fact that telecom overspending is rampant. We’ve seen businesses spend up to 15% more than necessary on telecom costs, and up to 75% on staff — not to mention the frustration that comes with the territory. With telecom accounting for nearly half of your IT dollar, managing these expenses represents your best opportunity to find efficiencies and savings.

gsg fan - top spaceThe Solution: GSGCloud

The GSGCloud platform is a single, cloud-based solution that readily supports your goals of being more agile and efficient in your telecom management. It’s made up of the following applications, which integrate with your organization’s systems and data to manage your telecommunications assets, services, and costs:

  • Mobility: Manage your mobile assets, services and costs, policy compliance, MDM, and other key mobile information, all through a single, unified view.
  • Telecom Expense Management: Maximize your telecom budget with the help of this application’s continuous expense analysis, alerts, and recommendations.
  • Marketplace: Reduce red tape by giving your users the ability to order devices, plans, and accessories through an online catalog that offers choices appropriate to their department, role, and level.
  • Self-Service: Free up your IT department and let employees use an online portal to perform routine telecom tasks, such as joining a BYOD program, agreeing to the corporate mobile policy, and activating roaming, all while maintaining control of your fleet of devices.
  • Business Intelligence: Get the “big picture” through views and reports that let you see your organization’s telecommunications from the very highest level to the most granular detail.
  • Service Desk: Keep downtime to a minimum with a system that seamlessly integrates various help desks and provides analytics to help ensure that users are getting their problems resolved. Our applications can tie in with a number of enterprise systems and applications.
  • Automation of complex tasks

    GSGCloud automates hundreds of complex, people-intensive management processes so that your administrators can focus on driving organizational results.

  • Cost optimization

    GSGCloud features real-time expense management, coupled with vendor remediation services, ensuring service provider costs are optimized and overages/international roaming are minimized to the greatest extent possible. Complete invoice-to-inventory integration allows you to properly allocate costs.

  • Greater visibility into telecom spend

    Each of the GSGCloud applications translates various telecom-related inputs into meaningful and useful information, which can be used to enable more effective decision making. From a single portal, you get a comprehensive summary view of all telecom assets and costs across geographies and business units.

  • Ease of use

    Simple and intuitive, GSG Cloud provides a user experience geared to everyone, from end users all the way up to telecom administrators.

  • Unlimited flexibility

    GSGCloud is modular, which allows you to cherry-pick only the components you or your customers need, whether it’s cost reduction, BYOD, mobile security management, or centralization and self-service for ordering.

  • Seamless integration with third-party applications

    GSGCloud integrates seamlessly with most carrier portals and systems, as well as third-party MDM, ITSM, HR, and financial applications.

  • Developed by telecom management leaders

    GSG has been providing telecom lifecycle management to enterprises for over a decade, with experience working with clients ranging from SMBs to Fortune 50 companies. Our class-leading GSGCloud platform and proven services portfolio are backed by a team of over 220 telecom experts dedicated to maximizing the efficiency of our customers’ investments.

“After an exhaustive evaluation process, the GSG platform was clearly the best choice to help us integrate disparate telecom information, automate manual processes, and improve the overall customer experience.

Since adding GSG’s applications to our portfolio, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in new business. GSG’s channel team has been supportive in closing opportunities and its operations team has integrated well with ours to provide a great customer experience.”

Jay Gordon Vice President, Sales Enterprise Mobile